Code Of Conduct Agreements

This business policy model for employees is tailored to the needs of your business and should be seen as the starting point for implementing your employment policies. A directive on employee behaviour can also be described as an attitude towards employment policy. All employees must follow our dress code and personal appearance rules. Patria Ethical Code of Conduct is the basis for ethical decision-making and business conduct of all board members, directors, directors, directors, directors, interim and acting directors. Each of us in Patria is responsible for complying with the code and the guidelines and guidelines associated with it. Patria`s code of ethical conduct is available in several languages that correspond to the operation in different countries. Patria also expects its trading partners to carry out their activities at least in accordance with similar principles and requirements. While we are confident that we can count on each member of the Synerise team to do their part, we would be missed if we did not categorically explain that deviations from our policies or standards of behaviour are not tolerated. Independent provides its employees and readers with a detailed document that promotes the company`s best practices, as well as information on editorial behavior, policies for writing a publication, publishing itself, including sections such as data protection and social media management, as well as post-publication and complaint handling. In addition, the document contains a clear section on the public interest, which is clearly linked to the values of the organization.

Synerise requires its employees to compete fairly and ethically for all business opportunities. Employees involved in the sale or negotiation of agreements or the provision of services to customers are expected to understand and comply with the terms of Synerise`s contractual agreements. In addition, each staff member must ensure that all statements, communications and presentations made to clients are correct and truthful. Synerise is committed to complying with all contractual obligations. Since signed codes of conduct can be considered a legal document, they can be used as a disciplinary or procedural tool for offences committed against staff members. It is recommended that a qualified staff professional or labour law specialist consult the document prior to its implementation to ensure that it is not contrary to state or state labour laws. In conjunction with a staff manual or code of ethics, the code of conduct should not be in contradiction with other published information in order to avoid confusion or misunderstanding. Patria maintains zero tolerance for corruption and corruption. Patria does not tolerate any unethical or corrupt behaviour of its employees or business partners and does not actively act against it. Decisions based on corruption are immoral, distort competition, damage the company`s wealth and reputation, and act against the common good.

Patria pays particular attention to ethical behaviour in contact with political parties, authorities and their officials in all the countries where we do business. Patria aims to provide all employees with a safe and inspiring work environment. As a result, all employees are required to perform their duties without endangering health and safety in the workplace. Patria is as best committed as to transposing the code (or the adoption of similar guidelines) into companies in which Patria has invested, but does not own the majority of the shares or exercise effective control. In addition, Patria expects and makes its best efforts to ensure that suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners (companies and individuals) acting in any capacity for Patria or on Behalf of Patria engage with the patria code or apply similar policies guaranteeing ethical behaviour. You must obtain all the appropriate permissions before you can execute, modify or modify contracts.