Service Level Agreement Commvault

Commvault`s corporate support is designed for companies that want to improve business benefits through their availability of Commvault and helps ensure the complete security of the data management environment when it is most needed. From a foundation based on Commvault Premium Support, Enterprise Support personalizes the customer experience by adding a team of shared technical account managers (TAMs) and support account managers (SAMs) who bring years of technology and domain know-how to your data management environment. You work closely with your in-house team to fully understand your business and operational objectives and work to achieve those goals. This team uses proactive monitoring and analytics tools, advanced reporting features, flexible service credits, and proactive business and technical audits that help identify trends and opportunities and enable them to continuously optimize your investments in data management. Commvault Enterprise Support includes: By default, the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is configured to calculate 30-day data at the CommCell level. However, you can change the number of days that ALS is calculated for. You can also set an extra time limit for new customers, exclude offline laptops from ALS after a number of days, and set up Snap backup commands without a backup copy, which should be considered met-SLA. You can also exclude old strikes from the strike count. The standard support option offers event-based coverage during normal business hours with direct access to the Commvault Technical Assistance Centre. Commvault Standard Support addresses many support situations and is best suited to companies with basic service level requirements. This package contains access to: The Service Level Agreement (sLA) trend report shows information on the percentage of ALS in the last 12 months for each CommCell globally and at the CommCell group level.

At the CommCell level, the ALS trend report shows each CommCell sub-client who did not meet ALS, the reason for the error and the number of days on which the ALS percentage is calculated. The formula used to calculate SLA is the number of customers who met SLA/total number of customers at the time of data entry, regardless of the SLA period configured for that specific customer. As part of the Commvault Authorized Support Partner (CASP) program, carefully selected providers provide our customers with important support services, including 24/7 software support, as well as extensive services such as on-site health testing and critical support commitments. 1 version updated versions are available according to the terms of your maintenance contract. You can specify the number of days used to calculate ALS at the CommCell level or at the customer group level. You`ll find instructions by setting up ALS days at the CommCell level and setting up ALS days at the customer group level. By default, the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is configured to calculate 30-day data at the CommCell level, and customer groups are set so that the setting is used at the CommCell level. If you change the SLA-Tage setting at the customer group level, customers in this group use the customer group setting instead of setting at the CommCell level.